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Horrormace unspeakable terrors by Zatarian Horrormace unspeakable terrors by Zatarian
I did this for the seventh sanctum Evil and Company contest.
I'm still trying to get used to my tablet and corel so this is what I could do right now.

My results for the evil name generator was Horrormace
My results for the Dark Minion generator was unspeakable terrors.

Horrormace is a commander of the darkest order in the universe. He receives his orders directly from the Black Serpent, the most evil mastermind in the universe, and answers to no one. He carries a mace of boundless chaotic magic; it is one of the most powerful weapons in existence. None can escape the mace's magic.
The darkest and most powerful chaotic beings, the Unspeakable Terrors, are at his disposal. This race's name has long been forgotten, for no mortal would dare speak it. Legends of these creatures tell of their power to control any mortal by inhabiting their bodies. When they are done with the mortal they feed on their greatest fears and strip them of their minds, leaving a walking zombie in its place.

Please leave comments, I enjoy getting feedback of any kind.
Lesleigh63 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2008
Ah, so you have an entry too.

I use Corel Photopaint and a tablet.

I like the unspeakable terrors. The top of the mace is well done.

Horrormace's face works but his body needs a bit more definition and proportion (looking at reference photos for the pose you want can help with that).
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March 23, 2008
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